5GZORRO Newsletter #8 Spring 2022

5GZORRO Newsletter #8 is published with the latest update and news. • 5GZORRO Platform New Video. 5G service innovation and its impact! • 5GZORRO Survey! Towards a dynamic marketplace for 5G resources Delivering another successful 5GZORRO Tech Talk#3! •  Share and discover heterogeneous types of resources, in particular spectrum, virtualized radio access, virtualized edge/core, software […]

PoC#5 On-demand Non-Public Networks (NPNs) for industry 4.0

Author: Adriana Fernández-Fernández, I2CAT   5GZORRO and 5GCLARITY Projects collaboration on approved ETSI ZSM POC featuring Zero-Touch provisioning practices in networks environments. The ETSI ZSM ISG has officially approved the Proof of Concept proposal backed by 5GZORRO and 5G-Clarity partners TID, i2CAT, NXW, Interdigital and Universidad Carlos III (UC3M). The PoC, identified as PoC 5 […]

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) in the Telecom space

Author: Eduardo Santiago, Ubiwhere   This post serves as an introduction as to how companies in the Telecommunications sector can leverage this novelty and how some have already done so, while also taking into consideration the possible repercussions in such adoption. Ubiwhere, along with its consortium members Altice Labs, Atos, Bartr, Comunicare Digitale, Fondazione Bruno […]

Towards a dynamic marketplace for 5G resources

This survey explores the attractiveness and challenges of platforms, such as 5GZORRO, which enable marketplaces for 5G-related resources, including spectrum, in a dynamic, zero-touch, secure, and trusted way. As part of its research into the potential changes to the value chain and business models that could be provided by 5G, and to better understand and characterized […]

5GZORRO: Enabling Governed Distributed Security & Trust in 5GZORRO

Authors: Bruno Santos and André Gomes, Altice Labs   Concept of Trust in a 5GZORRO Governed Distributed Environment One of the key challenges of obtaining trusted entities in a non-centralised ecosystem is the proof of identity. These need to be standardised across the whole distributed platform, in order to avoid compatibility and segregation issues through […]

5GZORRO at MWC2022

Towards a Dynamic Spectrum Marketplace Feb. 18, 2022 – During the next MWC 2022 Barcelona (from 28 Feb to 3 March) representatives of the 5GZORRO Consortium and relevant speakers will be present at the Mobile World Capital Area to discuss their vision and plans for building innovative solutions to address the quest Towards a Dynamic […]

5GZORRO Newsletter #7 – Winter 2022

5GZORRO Newsletter #7 is published with the latest update and news. • The 5GZORRO SURVEY! Towards a dynamic marketplace for 5G resources   • Delivering a successful 5GZORRO Tech Talk#2! Interesting reading season this autumn with 5GZORRO contribution on published papers: 5G Ecosystem 2021 AI and ML –Enablers for Beyond 5G Networks Edge Computing for […]

5GZORRO Platform: The future of multi-party 5G networks in automated, secure, and trustful way

Authors: Gino Carrozzo and Pietro G. Giardina, Nextworks Srl Future communication networks are built on the convergence between established technology assets such as 5G, edge computing, software-defined networks, and emerging breakthroughs such as AI, cloud-native solutions and distributed ledgers. 5G network solutions currently deployed do not yet enable the full potential of pervasive networking and […]

5GZORRO TECH TALK – JANUARY 13, 2022 3.00 pm CET

SAVE THE DATE! 13 January 2022 – 15.00 – 15.50 CET Invited Speakers: Nurit SPRECHER,  ETSI ZSM Vice Chair – Nokia Alexandros KALOXYLOS,  6G-Infrastructure Association MODERATOR:  Diego LÓPEZ – Telefonica I+D This second 5GZORRO TechTalk will provide a view of the current landscape for AI/ML applications for networking, considering different perspectives, from general principles to current standardization efforts, including how […]


The 5GZORRO newsflash #3 is published, to keep informing with the latest Blog post, Papers, and News on the project funded by the European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020. In this issue: 5GZORRO Survey announced for mid January 2022; 5GZORRO Tech Talk#2: AI and ML for 5G and beyond 5GZORRO at MWC 2022 Towards […]