5GZORRO will produce an architecture for future 5G networks capable of automated, flexible and multi-stakeholder combination and composition of resources and services, in a secure and trusted manner

The 5GZORRO platform

Instantiated in each operator domain to share heterogeneous types of resources
(i.e. spectrum, virtualized radio access, virtualized edge/core, software defined WAN, etc.)
across multiple operators and infrastructure / resource providers

A permissioned Distributed Ledger infrastructure to offer services for:

  • Smart Contracts Management,
  • Resource Discovery & Brokering;
  • Intelligent 3rd-party virtual resource selection;
  • Spectrum trading and sharing;
  • Secure SLA Monitoring

Sharing of operational data across the whole system in a logically centralized data reservoir (Operational Data Lake),to unleash truly end-to-end optimization of target network or application  KPIs

  • Full automation of network and service management (zero-touch) and slice orchestration via:
  • Network Intelligence and Analytics,
  • Security & Trust,
  • Management of Service & virtualized Resources

Platform design inspired to the principles of service-based-architectures with effective coexistence of Cloud-native vs more traditional IaaS network functions

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