Video Gallery

Aurora Ramos, 5GZORRO elicensing management

5GZORRO Coordinator Shuaib Siddiqui (i2Cat) in EuCnC 2022

5GZORRO demo for ETSI ZSM PoC#5 during EuCnC 2022

EUCNC 5GZORRO DEMO 2: Licensed Spectrum Sharing Use Case by Carlos Herranz, i2CAT

OSM13 Ecosystem Day

The City Nervous System: 5G enabled verticals for cities

5GZORRO Pills - Antoine Sciberras

5GZorro: Toward True Cloud Native NFV MANO

Demo#4: 5GZORRO Trust Management

Demo #3: Multi-operator Network Slicing with SLA breach prediction

Demo #2: From product offers to offer selection in 5GZORRO Marketplace

Demo #1: Onboarding in 5GZORRO

Multi-Party Collaboration in 5G Networks via DLT-Enabled Marketplaces: A Pragmatic Approach

BEREC Workshop on 5G: Insights on Innovation, New Business Models and Value Chains

Zero-touch AIOps in multi-operator 5G networks


5GZORRO Blockchain Fundamentals Webinar

5GZORRO envisions the evolution of 5G to achieve production-level support of diverse Vertical applications

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