5GZORRO Final Event 2022

5GZORRO Final Event 2022  

Towards a Dynamic Spectrum Marketplace

Sept. 19, 2022 – 5GZORRO is pleased to present in this Final Event, the latest results and outcomes on the ambitious goal stated at the initial stage: to define solutions for the 5G evolution in longer terms, having Zero-touch automation, security, and trust among multiple parties through blockchains, network slicing across ubiquitous computing and connectivity as key aspects of the investigation.

The main objective was to share our innovative approach to:

  • Share and discover heterogeneous types of resources, in particular spectrum, virtualized radio access, virtualized edge/core, software defined WAN across multiple operators and infrastructures.
  • Multi-party agreements to build distributed and pervasive 5G infrastructures, from data centres down to edge and far edge computing.
  • Full automation of network and service management (zero-touch network and service management).
  • Coexistence of Cloud-native and traditional IaaS network functions (containers, service meshes, microservices).
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies for spectrum sharing and cross-operator/cross-domain service chains.

In these past 36 months, due to the very innovative nature of the core topics covered by 5GZORRO research, the Consortium has worked very hard and invest a significant amount of resources in generating awareness and visibility for its results, both within the scientific community working on 5G and within network industry, operators, regulators, SMEs.


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