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5GZORRO security and trust framework

End-to-end security
Mechanisms to orchestrate end-to-end security and trust across multiple domains focused on trust establishment and secure communications among different stakeholders,
Security First
Zero-touch automation services to facilitate security and trust requirements for distributed multi-party 5G scenarios
Fully Responsive
Mechanisms to facilitate dynamic vulnerability assessment and trusted execution of offloaded workloads across multiple domains.
Zero Touch Automation
Exploring applicability of known AI and ML techniques to achieve near full automation in 5G networks

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Secure execution in 5G networks

Design and prototype a security and trust framework, integrated with 5G service management platforms, to demonstrate Zero Trust principles in distributed multi-stakeholder environments and automated security management to ensure trusted and secure execution of offloaded workloads across domains in 5G networks.

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Vision and Goal

5GZORRO will develop these envisaged solutions for zero-touch service, network and security management in multi-stakeholder environments (ubiquitous), making use of Smart contracts based on Distributed Ledgers Technologies to implement required business agility.

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5GZORRO consortium envisions the evolution of 5G to achieve truly production-level support of diverse vertical applications

Which coexist on a highly pervasive shared network infrastructure, through automated end-to-end network slicing, across multiple operators and infrastructure/resource providers, who can share heterogeneous types of resources (spectrum, virtualized radio access, virtualized edge/core).

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