Our objectives

Objective 1

Define a system level architecture combining zero-touch automation solutions and distributed ledger technologies to enable a secure, flexible and multi-stakeholder combination and composition of resources and services in 5G networks.

Objective 2

Design and prototype a security and trust framework, integrated with 5G service management platforms, to demonstrate Zero Trust principles in distributed multi-stakeholder environments and automated security management to ensure trusted and secure execution of offloaded workloads across domains in 5G networks.

Objective 3

Define a Smart Contract ecosystem anchored on a native distributed ledger to allow commercial and technical data provided by 3rd-party users to be standardised and mapped into Smart Contracts, which can be initiated “at will” between multiple untrusted parties.

Objective 4

Define solutions for secure, automated and intelligent resource discovery, brokerage and selection, operation with SLA to facilitate workload offloading to 3rd-party resources supporting pervasive computing across multiple 5G domains

Objective 5

Define and prototype a secure shared spectrum market to enable real-time trading of spectrum allocations between parties that do not have a pre-established trust relationship

Objective 6

Realize a cloud-friendly network software licensing framework for location independent network appliances execution

Objective 7

Validate the 5GZORRO zero-touch automation, security and trust in relevant use cases for the implementation of Smart Contracts for Ubiquitous Computing/Connectivity, Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, and Pervasive virtual CDN services over 3rd-party edge resources

Objective 8

Ensure the long-term success of the project through standardization and dissemination in scientific, industrial, and commercial fora, and by contributing to relevant open source communities & SDOs also exploring synergies with other EU initiatives and projects

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