Work packages

Work Package 1

In charge of implementing the governance of the project and implementing all the management processes and procedures for communication, decision-making and conflict-resolution between the various management functions, along various threads, each reflected in one task (from the pure project coordination, to technical management, to the coordination of Use Cases, etc.).

Work Package 2

Is the technical entry work package of the project, where the fundamental requirements and Use Cases (UCs) are defined. In this work package, the core reference design of the 5GZORRO architecture is produced, split in design of the reference Security & Trust Framework and design of the 5GZORRO Platform in terms of functional models, offered services, internal and external interfaces. The reference architecture and platform design is then passed to WP3 and WP4 for implementation.

Work Package 3

Focuses on the design and implementation of the 5GZORRO platform components that realize the unified management layer for resources and Smart Contracts. Here we leverage on DLT and distributed AI (5G Operational Data Lake) for the implementation of secure technical and commercial relationships among multiple non-trusted parties for SLA monitoring, resource discovery, spectrum sharing, Intelligent and automated data-driven resource management. The WP3 releases a low-level system design and software prototypes for integration with the rest of the platform in WP4 (T4.3) and then for validation in WP5.

Work Package 4

Focuses on the design and implementation of innovative mechanisms of cross-domain security & trust orchestration, in order to apply the zero-touch approach to service lifecycle automation and the enforcement of security policies in multi-tenant and multi-stakeholder.

Work Package 5

Is the core validation activity of the project. This work package will design the testbed configurations (in lab and at 5GBarcelona and 5TONIC) for the three project’s use cases and evaluate performances and achievement of the technical KPIs. The overall validation of the project results will also be complemented by the definition of business.

Work Package 6

Is the “project’s funnel”, dedicated to collect the various outcomes and results and promote them through various channels, facilitating technology and know-how transfer to all target stakeholders. This aims at increasing the visibility about 5GZORRO activities, but also at broad and durable impact creation by means of online and offline communications, scientific/technical dissemination, events’ participation and organization, dedicated exploitation, business modelling and sustainability activities, as well as contributions to standardization efforts/bodies and to 5G PPP working groups/bodies.

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