Use cases

Smart Contracts for Ubiquitous Computing/Connectivity (UC1)

We are working on the creation of smart contracts for Edge Computing SLAs to ease automation,
with security and trust, of bilateral, unilateral and multilateral agreements among telecoms and infrastructure actors.

Dynamic Spectrum Allocation (UC2)

We are designing a DLT-based Spectrum Market for real-time spectrum allocation among diverse business agents.
We aim to demonstrate benefits of dynamic spectrum management and allocation to facilitate public Wi-Fi or operators’ LTE/5GNR services.

Pervasive vCDN Services (UC3)

We are working to seamlessly enable the automated extension of virtualized content distribution network (vCDN)
 services across multi-party compute, storage and network resources, as a response to resource depletion in an
 administrative domain of a network service provider.

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