5GZORRO: Enabling Governed Distributed Security & Trust in 5GZORRO

Authors: Bruno Santos and André Gomes, Altice Labs


Concept of Trust in a 5GZORRO Governed Distributed Environment

One of the key challenges of obtaining trusted entities in a non-centralised ecosystem is the proof of identity. These need to be standardised across the whole distributed platform, in order to avoid compatibility and segregation issues through the potential interactors. Thus, we’re effectively enabling businesses on a much larger scale.

In 5GZORRO, we intend to develop a Governed security and trust platform solution which is capable of implementing multi-domain and multi-stakeholder smart resource selection and trading, by providing digital identities rooted on a blockchain through a Distributed Ledger, so that they are interoperable across several marketplaces. By providing such a system, we are aiming to further develop and embrace the decentralisation of identity.

As far as key concepts go that are at the forefront of the Governance platform, these are as follows:

  • Usage of a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that is purpose-built to handle decentralised identities, driven by the Verifiable Organisations Network(VON) [1]
  • Unique W3C Decentralised Identifiers (DIDs) [2] that are issued by one of several Governance Administrators without requiring any centralised resolution authority
  • Establishment of secure connections between any two entities to create non-corruptible one-to-one relationships
  • Virtualized solution which can enable multiple stakeholders, across different geographical areas, to trade/lease heterogeneous resources, such as spectrum, edge computing, network, storage, and virtual network functions (VNF/CNF)
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