Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) in the Telecom space

Author: Eduardo Santiago, Ubiwhere


This post serves as an introduction as to how companies in the Telecommunications sector can leverage this novelty and how some have already done so, while also taking into consideration the possible repercussions in such adoption.

Ubiwhere, along with its consortium members Altice Labs, Atos, Bartr, Comunicare Digitale, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, i2CAT, IBM Israel, Intracom Telecom, Malta Communication Authority, Networks, Telefónica, and Universidad de Murcia, is excited about the 5GZORRO’s blockchain capabilities for 5G.

Blockchain will be used to automate the secure, flexible, and multi-stakeholder combination and composition of resources and services in this project.

Smart contracts will also be used, not only to standardise and map third-party technical data into these contracts, but also for ubiquitous computing/connectivity, dynamic spectrum allocation, pervasive virtual content delivery network (CDN) services over third-party resources, and even service level agreement (SLA) management.

Another application will be the formation of a shared spectrum market, which will allow real-time trading of spectrum allocations between parties with no pre-established trust relationship. For more information feel free to check (5GZORRO, n.d.).

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