5GZORRO in OSM13 Ecosystem Day

Intracom Telecom presentation: π-Edge Platform and OSM for Security Analytics Automation in Network Slicing


Alexandros Valantasis, Research Engineer

Nikos Psaromanolakis, Staff Research Engineer

Vasileios Theodorou, Senior Research Engineer

OSM13 Ecosystem Day

Date: 15 June 2022

π-Εdge Platform is an Edge Management Platform, interoperable with centralized orchestration entities via a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) delivery model, as we introduced in previous OSM Ecosystem Day. Additionally, to the optimized lifecycle management of Edge services that participate end-to-end slices over the cloud/core-to-edge continuum, π-Edge offers a set of automation services for trustworthiness and Quality of Service (QoS) assurance.

In this presentation, we focus on Security Analytics automation, and we showcase the interoperation between OSM and π-Edge towards the automated enrichment of slices with security services at the Edge. In particular, we present a live demo of (1) the commissioning of a security-analytics-enabled Network Slice, (2) corresponding zero-touch operations on slice VNFs, (3) online security monitoring and DDOS attack detection and (4) adaptation of monitoring granularity to respond to security threat severity.

OSM#13 Ecosystem Day – Intracom Telecom

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