5GZORRO Newsletter #8 Spring 2022

5GZORRO Newsletter #8 is published with the latest update and news.

• 5GZORRO Platform New Video. 5G service innovation and its impact!

• 5GZORRO Survey! Towards a dynamic marketplace for 5G resources

Delivering another successful 5GZORRO Tech Talk#3!

•  Share and discover heterogeneous types of resources, in particular spectrum, virtualized radio access, virtualized edge/core, software defined WAN across multiple operators and infrastructures.
•    Set multi-party agreements to build distributed and pervasive 5G infrastructures, from data centers down to edge and far edge computing.
•    Reach full automation of network and service management (zero-touch network and service management).
•    Achieve coexistence of cloud-native and traditional IaaS network functions (containers, service meshes, microservices).
•    Use Distributed Ledger Technologies for spectrum sharing and cross-operator/cross-domain service chains.

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