5GZORRO Newsletter #5 – Summer 2021

5GZORRO Newsletter # 5 is published with the latest update and news:

  • 5GZORRO Website has a brand new SOFTWARE  Section;
  • 5GZORRO Use Case 3: Pervasive Virtual Content Distribution Network (vCDN) Services;
  • 5GZORRO @ BEREC WORKSHOP: Pace of innovation in 5G Services; 
  • 5GZORRO EuCnC 2021 participation

  • 5GZORRO EuCnC 2021 papers: Blockchain-Based Zero Touch Service Assurance in Cross-Domain Network Slicing’ and Multi-Party Collaboration in 5G Networks via DLT-Enabled Marketplaces: A Pragmatic Approach’;
  • 16th European Spectrum Management Conference: 5GZORRO Virtual Booth;
  • 5GZORRO Deliverables


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