5GZORRO Platform: The future of multi-party 5G networks in automated, secure, and trustful way

Authors: Gino Carrozzo and Pietro G. Giardina, Nextworks Srl

Future communication networks are built on the convergence between established technology assets such as 5G, edge computing, software-defined networks, and emerging breakthroughs such as AI, cloud-native solutions and distributed ledgers.
5G network solutions currently deployed do not yet enable the full potential of pervasive networking and computing in 5G initial visions: security, trust, and automation are limited today and deployments do not span among multiple operators.
In this context, it appears more and more critical also to:
  • Embrace full automation of networks and services management
  • Support multiple parties to develop a profitable business in 5G
  • Run all the phases of service chains creation across operators/domains, with security and trust
Virtualization and orchestration solutions are needed for 5G/6G which can enable multiple stakeholders, across different geographical areas, to trade/lease heterogeneous resources, such as spectrum, computing, network, storage, and virtual network functions (VNF/CNF). Such platforms are requested to be capable to optimize the available network resources and establish 5G/6G services in an easy, flexible, automated, secure, and trustful manner, ultimately fulfilling the need for securing and allocating resources according to demand.
In 5GZORRO project we are working on the consolidation of 5G towards its full potential relies on automated end-to-end network operations, use of distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI) for cognitive network orchestration and management and minimal manual interventions (zero-touch automation) to transform 5G into a low energy distributed computer. Through them, 5G networks can truly implement flexible connections with the envisaged ultra-fast data rates and minimal latency
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