Telco Business innovation trough Distributed Ledgers Technologies

19 Oct 2020 – With the advent of virtualisation and “softwarisazion” in 5G, Telecom Operators and Content Service Providers can catch new business opportunities through new Vertical use cases (e.g. in Industry 4.0, Media, Automotive, Energy, etc.). As new stakeholders are starting to  join the 5G ecosystem and a solid trend exists towards the automatic configuration of virtualised private cellular networks for mission-critical applications of the Verticals, it is becoming crucial to efficiently deal with all multilateral agreements among infrastructure providers, network operators, service providers, virtual function developers, spectrum owners and regulators in a secure, automated and trusted way.

Next 20 Oct. 2020 from 4:00pm to 5:00 pm CEST – LIVE on www.5gzorro.eu it will take place the first 5GZORRO Tech Talk, which aims to stimulate a focus discussion with experts in the field on the role Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) / Blockchains are having in the 5G Telco business.

Many standards developing organizations, associations and Telcos are looking today at DLTs as basic enablers for multi-stakeholder 5G network infrastructure and services across various actors of the value chain, capable to contribute to the automation, security and traceability of settlements when building cost-effective deployment of intelligent 5G networks in multi-stakeholder environments. 

Standards, as well as, technical solutions are in great demand  by Telecom Operators, Spectrum Regulators, Vertical Users, Content Service Providers and Facility Owners who need to implement truly secure and coordinated business operations for their flexible 5G network and services deployed across multiple domains and operators.

This 1st 5GZORRO Tech Talk will dive into all of this with the help of key speakers from IBM, IOTA, CBAN, R3 CORDA, MCA, BARTR; 5GZORRO will discuss with experts the major technological and standardization challenges and how standards and research is moving (e.g. like in 5GZORRO project).

5GZORRO project has the goal of developing envisaged solutions for zero-touch service, network, and security management in multi-stakeholder environments (ubiquitous), making use of Smart contracts based on Distributed Ledgers Technologies to implement required business agility.

The 5GZORRO consortium is formed by 13 partners from 7 European countries and funded by the European Commission under the 5G PPP Phase 3, Part 4: 5G Long Term Evolution  programme.

More info: www.5gzorro.eu

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