5GZORRO partners came together for their 3rd Plenary Meeting and a 2-days software Hackathon

From prototypes to the first 5GZORRO-core end-to-end demo


The 5GZORRO virtual 3rd Plenary Meeting took place March 16, followed by two days of an intense and fruitful Internal Hackathon: From prototypes to a 1st 5GZORRO-core end-to-end demo.

During these three days, more than 40 members of the consortium have joined in a retrospective of the actual status of the project, results achieved and strategies for future improvement in all axes of the project, technical tasks as well as outreach and impact maximisation activities.


The internal hackathon was the first carried out by the project’s partners.

Partners were divided into five teams, each one exploring a set of the various modules under development at this stage of the project, aligned with elemental topics for the project’s success from an integration perspective. Each team has jointly worked towards the integration of the components introduced in the corresponding topic required to achieve the full potential envisioned for the 5GZORRO platform. Some of the hackathon activities were focused on joint development for current sprints, running the first internal integrations of MVP components and running tests to verify the behaviour of integrated modules working together. Furthermore, partners have also set out the roadmap for each module tests, release and deployment, and jointly draw the path towards the 1st 5GZORRO-core end-to-end demo.

The hackathon teams were allocated to the following topics:

Team 1: Governance

The team gathered to discuss the Stakeholder Onboarding and DID Governance/Member Governance management touching on the modules of 5GZORRO Marketplace Portal, Identity & Permissions Manager and Governance Manager.

Team 2: Marketplace

The team has worked on the integration of components for Product Offer  Creation and “Simple” Offer Discovery in the 5GZORRO Marketplace portal and catalogue handling on the modules of Marketplace Portal, Identity & Permissions Manager, Virtual/Radio Resource Manager, Catalogue, Smart contract lifecycle manager, Smart Resource/Service Discovery and Data Lake.

Team 3: Zero-touch slicing

The team has worked towards the set-up of a cross-domain slice and monitoring for slice resources touching on the modules regarding ISSM, SRSD, NSSO, VRM, Data Lake and VPNaaS.

Team 4: e-Licensing Control

The team has joint efforts into the triggering of the e-Licensing checking of a given sample service handling the modules for NSSO and e-Licensing Manager.

Team 5: SLA & DataLake

The team has discussed the monitoring data ingestion and aggregation into the DL and SLA definition and breach detection approaching the modules for Intelligent SLA Breach Prediction, Data Lake, SLA Management/Smart Contract LCM, Monitoring Data Aggregator, TEE, Marketplace portal and ISSM.

In the future, partners will be sharing more information on the innovative modules developed within the project on the project’s website and social media channels. 

The conference taking place during these three days was essential for building a solid overview for all partners on the last 1.5 years of joint work. Partners were elucidated of the progress of all axes of the project established new and updated concrete  targets to ensure the achievement of the proposed work and end-solutions by the end of the project and guarantee the wide and long-lasting impact expected for 5GZORRO.



About 5GZORRO:

5GZORRO project has the goal of developing envisaged solutions for zero-touch service, network, and security management in multi-stakeholder environments (ubiquitous), making use of Smart contracts based on Distributed Ledgers Technologies to implement required business agility.

The 5GZORRO consortium is formed by 13 partners from 7 European countries and funded by the European Commission under the 5G PPP P HYPERLINK “https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-ppp-phase-3-projects/” HYPERLINK “https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-ppp-phase-3-projects/” HYPERLINK “https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-ppp-phase-3-projects/”hase 3, Part 4: 5G Long Term Evolution  programme.



Shuaib Siddiqui [email protected]

Gino Carrozzo [email protected]

Carla Bressan  [email protected]  +34 606 516 106



To know more: www.5gzorro.eu


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