Design principles for AI-driven Zero-Touch Operations, Security & Trust in multi-operator 5G Networks

Gino Carrozzo, 5GZORRO Technical Manager, Nextworks s.r.l.

The fifth-generation mobile communications (5G) demonstrated to be one of the main catalysts for the pervasive digitalisation of our society: ultra-high bandwidth, low latency and increased connectivity density are some of the main characteristics of 5G which Vertical industries are leveraging to implement innovative applications for business.

5GZORRO is a Research and Innovation project funded by the European Commission as part of Phase 3 of the 5G Public-Private Partnership, which has been recently launched to specifically address the challenges of Zero-Touch Security And Trust For Ubiquitous Computing And Connectivity In 5G Networks.

5GZORRO Use Case 1: Smart Contracts for Ubiquitous Computing/Connectivity

Ana María Morales and Fernando Diaz, ATOS

To unleash the benefits of 5G networks, 5GZORRO is developing a zero-touch orchestration platform integrating AI to govern the complexity of automation through the identification of usage patterns and cognition into operational data lakes, united with distributed ledger technologies to implement a scalable and secure solution for the interworking and accountability of different actors involved.

But how will 5GZORRO ensure that the architecture, services, and tools developed within the project effectively meet the expectations and needs of potential end-users?

5GZORRO Use Case 2: Dynamic Spectrum Allocation

Ana María Morales and Fernando Diaz, ATOS

Through Blockchain-enabled spectrum markets, the Use Case 2 aims to enhance spectrum efficiency while maintaining the QoS by allowing shared spectrum right holders to trade and lease spectrum rights for specific areas or periods of time.

In the “everything-connected” world where we are currently living, spectrum is a scarce asset from which cellular networks depend on their operation.

5GZORRO Use Case 3: Pervasive Virtual Content Distribution Network (vCDN) Services

Ana María Morales and Fernando Diaz, ATOS

Based on the concepts, technologies and solutions of the other 5GZORRO Use Cases, this scenario it is demonstrated the capacity for delivering scalable, pervasive vCDN services including HQ live or on-demand video streaming in situations with significant variations in the context of flash crowd scenarios such as stadiums or demonstrations.

5GZORRO WP4: Zero Touch Automation with Trust, Security and AI

José María Jorquera Valero and Pedro Miguel Sánchez Sánchez, UMU

The deployment of 5G networks and the development of beyond 5G technologies offer advanced technical capabilities that are enabling the emergence of new services which are principally centred on network stakeholders, such as trading computing resources (i.e., selling or renting), or segmenting and distributing the resources in between different domains.